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Principal Consultant, Trainer and Speaker

Deborah Daniels-Smith is DSI's founder.  She brings more than thirty years of experience in the fields of consulting, education, administration, organizational development, grantsmanship and cultural competence to her work on behalf of your organization. 
She has taught elementary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate students and trained large numbers of parents and professionals from many arenas who vastly differed regarding their cultural, economic, academic, and geographic backgrounds.
She worked six years in evaluation research with sites across the country in such cities as Miami, Houston, St. Paul and Compton, California. 
In addition to general organizational management and planning work, her last twenty years have involved work in the field of college access and preparation services to increase access and retention among elementary, secondary and community college students from demographic groups with low college eligibility and attendance rates.  This work has occurred in settings which have provided her substantial experince in managing diversity in the workplace and classroom, developing institutional partnerships and engaging in collaborative decision making and management.
Her work has led her to address or conduct workshops for such varied audiences as the International Reading Association, the NAACP, the California Student Aid Commission, the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, the Northern California Regional  Transfer Project, the Western Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, and the College Board's National and Western Regional Assembly.  Topics discussed, among others, included:  "Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of Teaching Bidialectal Students", "Building Responsive Multi-Cultural Institutions", "Developing Effective College Access Projects", and "Embracing Diversity:  Developing Cultural Competence".
In addition to a number of research monographs, Ms. Daniels-Smith has contributed to the The 1-2-3 Method:  A Writing Process for Bidialectal Students and authored Education By, For and About African Americans.
Deborah Daniels-Smith completed a bachelor's degree in American Government at Radcliffe College-Harvard University; a master's degree in Educational Administration and requirements for a doctoral degree, except the dissertation, in Administration and Policy Analysis and International Devlopment Education at Stanford University.